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In the News: Sugar Industry Manipulated Heart Studies To Shift Blame to Fat

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After reading this article we have to worry once again how much we really know about the food we eat and the information we can trust, when evidence keeps showing up that big industries only care about profits and blatantly disregard our health:

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research

The food industry’s greed is so out-of-control and unchecked, that they will bribe unethical scientists to report false health information to the public. In the US, public health is not a priority, profits are a priority. The food industry is entrenched in lobbying strongholds in the US congress and will not allow passage of any new laws and regulations that reduce their profits.

But there is hope for us. The internet is helping change this trend. Movements like Quantified Self will help us discover what really makes us feel good and stay healthy! We only need to get more people to use the Internet to get informed. And we need more people asking for affordable access to personalized health information, like genetics and routine tests, and access to affordable sensors that capture personal health and fitness data.


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